“It’s Been a Super Long Time Since I Rapped At Ya”

Fig 1.1: fictional columnist Jim Anchower of The Onion. Photo from http://www.theonion.com.

To quote the great, fictional columnist Jim Anchower of The Onion, “It’s been a super long time since I rapped at ya.” (I liked that so much it’s both the title AND opening of this entry — not because I’m lazy or out of ideas. Mostly.) That said, I have been staying busy, as my PR consultancy, EH3PR, is continuing to grow, and I’m doing some more PR-focused writing (that most of you will either pretend to look at to make me feel good, or skip entirely) at the EH3PR blog. (Note: that blog is interesting mostly to people in the communications field; additional note to potential clients: that blog is interesting for everyone!).

So in the spirit of those Dan Shaughnessy “Cleaning out the Files of My Brain” (essentially, a long bulleted list as none would stand alone as a column, and it’s easier (at least for me) to write this than think of something new, here goes):

  • It is a very fine line between meditating and napping. Not one I’m afraid to cross.
  • Neighbors and commuters who have seen me do Tai Chi in our corner “TV Room,” I apologize. We finally have window coverings. But I feel that Master Chris Pei has helped me immensely (via DVD) even though I still get my lefts and rights confused (based on the camera angle).
  • I just had a second sleep study at Mt. Auburn Hospital. I have likened the sleep study facilities to a “cross between a 1.5 star Super 8 Motel and a minimum security prison.” The whole concept is odd, particularly the 58 or so wires they adhere to your body. I can confirm that I have even less chest and leg hair than I once did, and that I have mild sleep apnea. There is truly nothing sexier than a 45-year old wearing either a mask or oxygen nose pillows in order to sleep.
  • I didn’t realize just how many Toyota Priuses (Priui?) there were in the world (or at least in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Brookline and its white-flight cousin, Newton) until I got one. That said, wow, I love that car. Mostly because it gets 53 MPG, partially because of the smug factor.IMG_0071
  • Small chance I just tried to pitch a reporter who passed away last year. Someone should really shut down his twitter account. By small, I mean 100 percent.
  • Working from home is great, but some unique challenges, particularly with both boys home this summer. Upside: I listen to more records and “creativity breaks” can be used for laundry. Downside: Podcast consumption is down nearly 100 percent. Snack consumption WAY up.
  • caf49867I am finding that I have less desire than I used to to attend big stadium shows. Or be around big crowds. For example, the old me would have been all over Bruce Springsteen doing “The River” at Foxborough in September; I’m excited about it, but not going crazy since I don’t have tickets. This is coming from the guy that attended Austin City Limits from 2009-2014, dillo dirt and all. (Author’s Note: “Dillo dirt” is how the City of Austin re-branded “poop” used as fill for its parks. Like the park in which ACL occurs). For ACL, there are pros and cons to attend this year:
    • Pro: The schedule looks solid (I’d love to see Radiohead).
    • Con: I am old and tire easily and would evolve into one of those people in the back who brings their own chairs. Also, dillo dirt is poop. Winner: Con, by a landslide.
  • That said, I am looking forward to taking the boy to Pearl Jam tomorrow at Fenway. Boy, will I impress people with my Mudhoney shirt.
  • Hanson's Hotel of Hospitality - Oquaga Lake DepositSummers go by faster when you work from home — and I’ve been able to take two great trips (annual trek to Lake Oquaga, N.Y.; first-ever trip to Outer Banks, N.C.) and spend great time with my boys while effectively servicing clients.

In closing, things are good.

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