“Thanks For Endorsing Me for ‘Solid Locker Room Presence'”

Had a great lunch conversation with colleagues and clients yesterday about LinkedIn — particularly the overall utility of “endorsements.”

(As an aside, one woman shared how her father wished her a Happy Birthday on LinkedIn, as clearly, the best way to tell your daughter how much she matters is on the social network with a “diversified business model with revenues coming from talent solutions, marketing solutions and premium subscription products.”)

Another colleague shared how a friend has a … hobby? avocation? … of providing completely irrelevant endorsements for his father (”butter churning,” etc.). Which is entirely brilliant.


So today’s stretch goal? Connecting with Facebook friend (!) and former Celtic Greg Kite for being a “banger,” and “that awesome block on Magic in Game 3 of the 1987 NBA Finals.” (By the way, you can read a great piece about his solid performance in that game as the “unlikeliest hero” for a depleted Celtics bench here.)

Wish me well, as Bill Walton has rejected my request to connect at least six times now. (There is a slight chance I am stalking the 1986 Celtics, but only on LinkedIn. And Facebook. And maybe Friendster or MySpace or Snapchat. But that’s it.)

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