About Harrison3.com

Kicked off in 2002 with the entry, “I wonder who the f*** is going to read this” (later censored once its author realized it offended the sensibilities of an early reader), Harrison3.com has been the Internet’s leading source of musings from its author, other than Facebook, Twitter and the “Cagney and Lacey Fan Fiction” page. The author’s goal has been to use the so-called InterWebs to retain some semblance of relevance while finding an outlet to more productively air his grievances, share his neuroses and create the illusion of being vaguely clever.

Now built on WordPress, the blog has been created using Tripod, Blogger, TypePad and Twitter. By and large, all of the entries are here, other than a 12-month period when the author decided to use the crappy services of a client that has since fired his (now former) PR firm.

You can follow the author on Twitter at @harrison3 or visit his tumblr page.

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